Welcome to an exciting Online Advanced Dental Leadership (ADL) programme developing dental professionals into first class leaders and advocates for oral health

"The fact you are here reading this shows great initiative and proactivity - two key components that will make you a strong leader in dentistry. Our profession needs strong leaders with big voices."

A welcome message from
Professor Raman Bedi, Chairman >

Who is it for?

The ADL programme is designed for dental professionals to develop their leadership, management and communication skills. It focusses on empowering the emerging generation to perform in the increasingly competitive and evolving arena of modern dentistry.

This generation is also highly skilled, communicative and capable of driving forward new initiatives that will improve world oral health.

What you gain?

  • You and your dental team will become first class leaders and advocates for oral health, driving up oral health knowledge in the population.
  • You will be equipped to stay ahead of the market and better engage with patients, health professionals, decision-makers and wider society on the importance of good oral health.
  • Your team will become highly effective through leadership and communication skills, improving your clinical and business results.


What does it cost?

The full ADL programme costs £40 with lower prices available in some countries.