"Better oral health for the world can be achieved by equipping dentists with core leadership skills necessary to drive forward change. We have an abundance of clinical knowledge - what the profession now needs is strong drivers to help improve oral health literacy for all.  

The oral health message needs to be championed by everyone but especially younger members of the  dental profession. By enrolling in ADL you can begin to make a difference to your personal, clinical and business roles, in addition to successfully leading your patients to optimal oral health."

Professor Raman Bedi, 
Chairman – Global Child Dental Fund, 
Chairman – World Federation of Public Health Associations
Chief Dental Officer – England (2002-2005)


The changing face of modern dentistry in Brazil requires strong and effective leadership for the provision of optimal dental care, health promotion and building partnerships with other professions. The ADL program provides dentists with strong multidisciplinary skills, enabling them to combine clinical dentistry with leadership knowledge. 

The Certificate in Advanced Dental Leadership provides unique and high-level guidance to young Brazilian dentists for shaping their careers, contributing to the dental profession and helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program will stregnthen dentists' professional backgrounds, combining multidisciplinary clinical skills and leadership knowledge" and will build a network of next-generation dentists for Brazil.

Dr Sonia Groisman 
Faculdade de Odontologia da UFRJ


Thank you for considering Zambia for this important leadership training. Leadership skills are important to my students as they are expected to take a central role in their provinces and districts after graduation in leading dental personnel and supporting staff. 

Young dentist will also benefit with the training as it is obvious that good leadership skills is a key to success. I like the phrase in the introduction:

 "The earlier in a dental professional’s career leadership skills are studied, developed and     harnessed, the better the individual will be able to effect change".

This is a good initiative to have this programme in Zambia. Our country has been lacking in continuous professional development

Dr Severine Nyerembe

Copperbelt University, Ndola Zambia

This is indeed a welcome move and will impact positively on the Zambian Dentists as well as the recipient of dental health. Thanks for this great resource.

Enock Haabeka

This is very good development and thanks for being thoughtful about this course. It’s very relevant for all the oral health professionals. Our School recently acquired a certificate of Registration as an Oral Health CPD provider in Rwanda, making it an easy opportunity for launching collaborative effort in CDEs and CPDs. 

Muhumuza Ibra. BDS, DDPHRCS, MSc.
Dean School of Dentistry-College of Medicine and Health Science
University of Rwanda


I know that the Advanced Dental Leadership Programme is very useful for young dentists to develop their leadership skill which is very important for their professional promotion, and is also beneficial for improving paediatric oral health in China. Therefore on behalf of Chinese Society of Paediatric Dentistry, I would like to express my warmest thanks to the Global Child Dental Fund.

Man Qin, Professor of department of Pediatric dentistry, Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology; President-Elect of Chinese Society of Pediatric Dentistry.
Vice President of Beijing Society of Pediatric Dentistry
Consult Member of Beijing Society of Stomatology
Secretary General of Asian Association of Dental Traumatology
Committee Member of Membership Committee, International Association of Paediatric Dentistry
Fellow of International College of Dentists


"During the last decade the Global Child Dental Fund (GCDFund) has engaged and developed hundreds of the world’s foremost dental health professionals through its unique Senior Dental Leaders Programme.

The need of the hour is to further strengthen the global dental community through enlightened leadership. In response to this challenge, the GCDFund has launched this Advanced Dental Leadership Programme (ADL), which enables younger Indian dental professionals to hone their skills in dental leadership, innovation, creativity and effectiveness. 

A true leader has the potential to translate vision into reality.

The ADL programme will foster an ecosystem for sharing and nurturing the best leadership practices within the dental fraternity. It will also be a vibrant platform for young dental practitioners to ideate on the future of our profession.

I invite you to embark on this journey of education and organisational discovery, so that together we can improve oral health services and reduce inequality around the world."

Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma, Director – Principal
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences 

"For senior-level dental leaders it has always be critical to instil in the next generation the importance of the pedagogy we have always worked to.  This is to adapt to the needs of the hour to achieve optimum oral health for our fellow community members. This approach, born of deep care and concern, must always be at the nucleus of our profession.  

The new Advanced Dental Leadership programme is a much-needed opportunity for budding professionals to further their education and develop their dental leadership competencies. As senior dental leaders, we promise to walk with you as you educate and empower yourselves to tackle the pressing challenges in global oral health.' 

Dr. Satyawan G. Damle
VC, MM University Haryana

"The future of dental the profession must be in the hands of dentists possessing superior leadership skills. The next-generation dentistry demands effective, efficient leadership for several tasks including the delivery of optimal dental care, building partnerships with other professions, and health promotion.

The Advanced Dental Leadership training imparts state-of-the art guidance to dental students for shaping their careers and contributing to the profession and caring for the most disadvantaged people in our societies."

Dr Ashwin M. Jawdekar MDS, MSc, DDPH, PGD , PG Cert. Professor and Head, Dept. of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Dr GD Pol Foundation's YMT Dental College and Hospital.