Welcome to an exciting Online Advanced Dental Leadership (ADL) programme developing young dentists into first class leaders and advocates for oral health

To all global dental professionals, 

The fact you are here reading this shows great initiative and proactivity - two key components that will make you a strong leader in dentistry. Our profession needs strong leaders with big voices. We must embrace this age of connectivity and see our opportunity. Dental caries is frustratingly preventable yet its prevalence keeps soaring. 

Our Advanced Dental Leadership course is the first step for you to get on board and improve your personal management and leadership skills. You will be a part of the jigsaw in getting effective oral health messages out to every community in the world. If you take on board everything on this programme, you will also find your personal life is positively impacted.

You will receive a certificate on completion of the course, and you may use the letters Cert ADL (Certificate of Advanced Dental Leadership) as part of your professional qualifications. 

Good luck!

Professor Raman Bedi

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